New Features of 2015

We all know that the users of internet are increasing continuously because internet is that thing without which we cannot complete our work properly because everything is now online whether it is the matter of filling the form or writing and sending emails, or money transfer or online payment and many more. As far as the Gmail is concerned, it is the most widely used e-mail service all around the world. From its beginning and till now Gmail gives many interesting features to the users which help us out to get our work done easily. | New Features


As of 2015, here are some new features introduced by Google in Gmail for its users well I am just sharing features guide this time if you need how to sign up gmail then follow this guide login :-

Attach Money- This feature allows you to send and receive money from your colleagues, family etc. with the help of Google Wallet. Through this, you can send money to the person whether he/she don’t have a Gmail address. It is completely free to send the money, but it is necessary to link your bank account with Google Wallet.

The New Inbox- In this you can categorize your emails with some new inbox tabs and you can decide that which emails have to read and when.

Storage- Google is providing you the 15GB free space across Google Drive, Google+, Gmail etc. and you also don’t have to delete your emails for regenerating the lost space. You can get enough space after making your account that you can manage each and everything and keep your data safe for further use.

Direct Action from the Inbox- Now you have the right to take direct action like Track Packages, review products, RSVP from inbox and you don’t have to open any mail.

Themes- To download whatsapp is easy. Earlier there are only 30 themes in Gmail and now it counts infinity. Yes, you can find infinite themes that make your Gmail look more attractive and nice.

Video Calls- For video calling there is a feature of Gmail known as Hangout through which you can make a video call to any person using internet connection and also you can make video call to at least 10 persons at a time. You can use this feature in your mobile also by downloading hang out in your smartphone as well as in PC.

Instant Attachments- Through this you can send the files, video, songs etc by attaching into the mail. If the file is bigger you can use Google Drive to send the same and Gmail automatically save your attachments send by the Google Drive.

A Good Compose- I am sure you all are familiar with this; through this you can compose your mail by enjoying its packed features.

Drive- Suppose you have many important files in your PC or laptop and you are afraid of losing it, then no to worry, here is the Google Drive in which you can upload and save your data as much as you can. This keeps your data safe and you can access your data anytime you want.

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